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Open APK file on Mac, Windows, Android and IOS

APK file downloads no penny-wasted applications, why don’t you get them? After downloading, how to open APK files on Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS? 

For Android mobile users, you have probably heard the phrase “File APK”. So, what are the APK files? What are the APK files for? And how to open APK files on windows 7, 8, 10? We will reveal all of these in our today’s article.

Stay tuned, keep reading and find out all these answers straight off the bat!

What do APK files mean?

APK files mean

APK files

APK is in short of Android Package Kit that is designed for Android, Google’s mobile OS. Some certain applications are pre-installed on Android devices, but others can be downloaded from Google Play.

When you download applications from Google Play, they are automatically installed on your device. On the contrary, you must install those downloaded from other sources manually.

What are APK files for?

Some apps are region-restricted, and you can’t download them from Google Play, and the APK will be helpful in this case.


Besides, most applications on Google Play have updates, but sometimes you can dislike the latest updates compared to the older version. Installing APK files will allow you to install older versions easily.

If your Android device doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store, APK files may be the very desirable option for getting apps on the device.

But be careful because the APK enables you to download non-official apps, which can be considered illegal in some countries. Additionally, APK files may contain malware that causes damage and steal data on your device.

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How to open the APK file

On Android

Step 1: Go to the “My Files” section on your phone


Step 2: Select the APK file you want to install

Step 3: The system will display a table with the information “For security, your phone is set to block the installation of apps from unknown sources”, so activate “unknown origins” (continue to follow the same as step 1 in how to install the APK file stored on your phone above). Then, the system starts to be installed the application itself via the APK file.

Open-APK-On-Android 2

On Window

File extension APK installer for Windows is the exact option users have to open it in Windows.

But how to extract APK files in PC? You can open APK files on Windows using BlueStacks or Android Studio. Supposing that you use BlueStacks, for example, you come to the My Apps tab, then from the window’s bottom right corner, just select Install APK.



On a Mac

Here is how to open APK files on mac.


You can run APK on MAC by ARC Welder

ARC Welder is a Google Chrome extension. Its main feature is intended for checking Android apps for the Chrome operating system, but it also handles any operating systems. This means that you can open an APK  file on your Mac to extent if you get this app introduced inside the Chrome program.

On iOS

A piece of bad news for you is that you cannot open APK files online on iOS gadgets (iPhone & iPad) because the file is operated in a completely unexpected way compared to apps used on those devices. So, there is no how to open APK files on the iPhone.


Here some best sites to download as follows:

App repository: APKMirror

Freeware apps: Appbrain

Dozens of downloadable free APK right here: AndroidFreeware

Final thoughts APK file

After reading up today’s post, we sincerely hope that you have gained how to open APK files. These steps above are so easy to follow, and we firmly believe that you can do it well!

Điểm neoIf you get any problems while opening APK files, don’t hesitate to leave your issues in the comment section below. We are here to help you with the APK file download! Thanks for reading!



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