World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz APK for Android is a video game in which you will participate in online tank battles that recreate vehicles from the Second World War

World of Tanks Blitz APK

If you enjoyed watching the History Channel, you’ve probably enjoyed watching a few documentaries about WWII armored vehicles. World of Tanks Blitz APK gives us a multiplayer tank simulator and takes us back to that war with its shooting and strategy elements. Start playing one of the best tank games for mobile after you download World of Tanks Blitz for Android.

Feeling like Von Manstein and Zhukov

After downloading World of Tanks Blitz for Android, you can feel like any of these two generals, commanding armies that fought in the historic Battle of Kursk, driving vehicles tanks appear in this World of Tanks. It’s a game with over 250 vehicles recreated with all sorts of details and easy to control thanks to a simple control system designed for optimal playability on mobile devices.

It is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) mining game that allows players to go head-to-head in 7v7 battles that can take place against friends or random players from around the world. You will have to manage your tank properly, but you also have to pay attention to the necessary strategic elements to be able to surprise your opponents.

World of Tanks Blitz APK Feature

Over 250 World War II vehicles recreated to the smallest detail.

  • 23 different battlefields.
  • Online multiplayer mode.
  • A free-to-win system where everyone can access the same elements of the game.
  • Progress system with 10 tank levels to be unlocked.
  • The improvement system refines the controls and crew with which you can improve your tank.
  • Intuitive and simple control system.
  • In-game and clan chat to communicate with the rest of the players.
  • Battle missions with new custom challenges to earn bonuses and achievements.
  • Translated into several languages.

This is an APK format version of an online game called World of Tanks that allows you to play from your PC using a web browser or from a video console like the PS4. The only requirement to install an APK file on your mobile device is running Android 4.1 or higher and having at least 3 GB of free space.

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How to Play World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks is not your typical shooting game. Instead of grumpy and tough soldiers running around the map shooting at each other, this game is all about tank battles and the mobile version, World of Tanks Blitz, is no exception. However, as the name suggests, Blitz offers a few key differences from the original PC version, mainly revolving around shortening the game time, with a smaller map and overall slowness. playing process to match players playing games on phones. The result is a very intense game that retains the mechanical complexity of the original, while allowing players to enjoy it quickly.

However, fighting in World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz is not as easy as in other shooters like the Call of Duty series. The main reasons are it’s all about tanks vs. increase, players need to consider the type of ammo. , tank type, armor, navigation, movement and a variety of other factors to defeat their enemies. We gave a quick introduction to all of these elements in our World of Tanks Blitz beginner’s combat guide, which we highly recommend reading if you’re new to the game.

This time, however, we want to offer some more general tips that can help you shine on the court and win all your battles.

When in doubt, attack from the rear or flanks

In addition to the role differences between the four main vehicle types in the game, each tank in the game has different stats, making them suitable for unique roles and playstyles. Likewise, each tank can have a different armor allocation, making some parts of their body stronger against direct attacks, and others weaker and more susceptible to penetration. puncture, even with weaker ammunition.

Vehicles in World of Tanks Blitz are very complex, have many moving parts, and can be disabled in a variety of ways by directly hitting certain areas. Shooting down footprints can temporarily immobilize you in place. Shooting through the armor and shooting the crew inside will do a ton of damage. However, as mentioned above, every tank has a different armor layout, and mastering all armor can take a significant amount of time. Fortunately, this tool allows you to view all tanks in the game, their stats and armor distribution. It definitely helps in the long run.

However, since you really don’t have time to pull up a database of tanks and check their armor positions in real time, a general rule of thumb is to always aim for the rails, flanks or in the best case in the back. These places are usually less armored than others, and you can deal a lot of damage if you manage to get past the enemy and into a favorable position.

BlueStacks Download World of Tanks Blitz on PC

Remember one important thing. Always make sure to use her HE ammo when targeting main units with crew members on board. This allows you to inflict maximum damage when trying to penetrate armor by shooting weak points. Additionally, if you want to disable mechanical parts on enemy vehicles, use AP ammunition, which can penetrate most of the time and deal maximum damage.

Which brings us to the next point…

Use the right ammo

While the above suggestion about using HE and AP ammo properly makes sense, in general, there is one more nuance that you must consider when choosing the right ammunition for the case: the type of tank you are running. fight against.

There are four main types of tanks in the game: Heavy, Medium and Light Tanks and Anti-Tank Cannons. Each of these has specific strengths, weaknesses, and roles in each match. Likewise, they all have different amounts of armor, with heavy tanks having the most and light tanks having the least, but having the highest speed.

When it comes to general engagements, you’ll almost always use AP ammo, which is the standard and default ammo you’ll get in the first place. However, you can greatly benefit from using HE when dealing with light or unarmored vehicles as these bullets will almost always penetrate and deal maximum damage. Furthermore, since light tanks are very fast, they can often maneuver to position themselves in positions where your AP ammo will bounce off and do no damage. HE bullets do not suffer from this disadvantage because they always explode on impact and never bounce off.

Bottom line: Use AP in most situations, but switch to HE when engaging light and unarmored tanks.

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the best in the APK games list. Download World of Tanks Blitz to Play APK for Android and Enjoy



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