Public Transport Simulator

Public Transport Simulator APK  is a driving simulator in which the player gets behind the wheel of a bus and goes through all the designated routes.

Public Transport Simulator APK

For those who like realistic simulation games, public transport simulator has a bus simulator that allows you to drive German roads along designated passenger transport routes.

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Drive the bus and take the passengers to their destination

This is a realistic simulation where you have to take passengers to their destinations and complete different missions. To do this, you will have to pick up a car at each stop and pay attention to fueling the car and other details when driving this type of vehicle. You will have to deal with busy roads, traffic rules to follow and sometimes bad weather.

Completing the assigned missions will give you money and you can invest in your bus by buying better tires and engines and even new vehicles to drive. And of course, keep in mind that damage can result from violations and similar poor driving decisions.

About the game:

Bus driving games like public transport simulation games get better and better with time. With over 48 different vehicles, you’re sure to find the one you love

Run through an immersive and detailed world. All vehicles are fully modeled and have realistic interior and exterior views with free viewing capabilities. PTS has realistic physics, even for careless bus drivers and bus accidents.

Passengers will fall and lose experience points. The ride continues after the exciting action replay. After completing the missions, you will unlock other buses and vehicles that you can use to enjoy different game modes.

Includes a selection of sports cars such as Taxi Driver and Checkpoint Racing. There are also leaderboards where you can compare yourself to other bus drivers. Happy driving everyone!

Public Transport Simulator is one of the best in the APK games list. Download Emily Wants to Play APK for Android and Enjoy

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