Quickshortcutmaker 2.4.0 is an Android application, which has APK file free for Download. Quickshortcutmaker allows you to manage your android devices and gives shortcuts to all apps.


Android is a great platform, in which users can customize as many aspects of it as they can. Not only making the interface look nicer, but the user can also add different features to it. Quickshortcutmaker is a great application, which adds a shortcut feature to the operating system.

How does it work?

Quickshortcutmaker is able to create the shortcuts to applications from your activities, which means that it collects your user information to create a list of apps that you have used recently. From that list, there will be a shortcut list created just for you.

This app will keep records on every activity that you have made, which can also be used as an activity tracker. There is also other information that is shown in the app, which is the size of the app, how long was the activity, and other information.

It also supports searching apps, the search engine of this application works much better than the search engine of android. You can also use this engine for searching for activities or sort out the times that you have used the activity.


Besides using Quickshortcutmaker 2.4.0 for creating the shortcuts for apps, you can also use it to keep track of the suspicious activities that are happening in your devices. You will be able to detect viruses or malware that are in your devices and remove them.

Parents can also use this application for controlling their child, avoid them from doing bad activities, which is a useful feature. We have provided some screenshots, which show more information about the app.

If you like Quickshortcutmaker 2.4.0, you can download the APK file of it for free here for your android devices.

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