Cheat Engine 6.5.2 APK For Android actually is a special tool supporting hacking Android apps. When you downloaded a favorite game and have played whenever you have free time. You don’t want to load any cent but definitely, you will lose the game whenever you fight against premium users. However, with this tool, you also become a professional player without any cent.

This article shows off how this tool works to help all of you have a better understanding.

After you get the APK file, you need to have it installed on your device but note that you have to check a box from the security settings that allows you to get un-known source applications installed. Here are some straightforward steps for you to start things off:

  • Open up Cheat Engine
  • Launch any game you like
  • Look for this game process from the CheatEngine’s list
  • Open up this process and find out the value you want to alter
  • Buy anything to reduce that value
  • After that, you can see the change of this value within the app
  • Complement the address of the value into the list number four in the list tab, choose active and modify the value
  • The value in question will alter in-game

In conclusion, Cheat Engine 6.5.2 definitely supports you a lot in case of hacking Android games. Now you can download the APK for Android for free download here and enjoy it right now.

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Additional Information

Cheat Engine for Android
1.5 MB

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