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WhatsApp 2.20.154 APK is a popular application for free chatting and calling around the world. If you are a regular smartphone user, you can not miss this application.


About WhatsApp APK

Android users must have once heard some term APK file. In this case, WhatsApp Apk is the WhatsApp application installer on the Android operating system.

The advantage of downloading WhatsApp Apk files is that users can download and do not need to install immediately on the device. This action may take place with the user’s permission.

Điểm neoContrary to Google Play, the downloaded application will automatically install right on your device without your opinion. This will be inconvenient for users who use APK files for other purposes.


  • There is no monthly service charge
  • Multimedia: Send photos, videos, audio recordings to friends
  • Group chat: Make a group call
  • No international service charges
  • Do not use a password or username: same as SMS apps in Android or iOS
  • No login, logout required

Why do you need to download WhatsApp Apk files?

  1. Users who are not customers using WhatsApp for normal messaging, they may be programmers or IT researchers who want to use Apk files to research and develop applications with lots of more convenient.
  2. Phones with Google Play cannot download WhatsApp. This case is rare, but if encountered, the only way to fix it is to download APK files from websites that provide APK files online.
  3. Users download the WhatsApp APK file to run on Android emulators on the PC, but now WhatsApp has a version for ordinary PC users.
  4. People who use Android phones but their version is different from the requirements of the update on Google Play.
  5. Users need to download WhatsApp Apk to put on Android devices like Android car, Android wear, etc.
  6. Some countries prohibit downloading and using WhatsApp so APK files will be useful in this case.

If you want to download WhatsApp for the above reasons, we encourage you to download the APK file of WhatsApp 2.20.154 to have an application that is not infected with malicious viruses. It’s completely “pure” like an app available on Google Play Store.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Wish you have a new day full of energy. Thank you for your reading.

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