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Download Emily Wants to Play APK for Android and Enjoy a terrifying adventure with Emily Wants to Play, a game where you must survive in a house full of strange toys.

Emily Wants to Play APK for Android

The Survival Horror or Survival Terrorism game genre has recently gained popularity thanks to titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s. As an addition to the game, you can now try Emily Wants to Play for Android devices. I’m sure you will be scared.
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If in Five Nights at Freddy’s, you have to watch the pizzeria at night, in this game, you have to deliver pizza. We brought the homework to Emily’s house, where she was locked up with her doll. We explore a house with dim lighting and living conditions similar to those in Alone in the Dark. In other words, a room that makes you think you are alone and there are strange characters always watching you.

Download the APK of this game to your smartphone or tablet and have a fun and scary time. This only applies if you are into horror games.

Additional requirements and information:

Minimum OS requirements: Android 4.0.

Emily Wants to Play APK

Steam’s newest horror/strategy title, Emily Wants to Play, is confusing. The game begins with you, a pizza delivery man, arriving at what appears to be an empty house. When you step inside, the door slams shut behind you. As the clock strikes midnight, children’s laughter rings out in the distance, and an increasingly difficult struggle to survive the night begins. In the game, there are no instructions on how to proceed other than written on the whiteboard in the kitchen. Remember, to survive, you have to do the exact opposite of what the board tells you to do.

This game is similar to “5 Nights at Freddy’s”. Every hour (each hour lasts about five minutes) introduces more and more spooky challenges and rules in the form of Emily’s demonic toys. Your goal is to identify each enemy that appears in front of you and deal with it accordingly. Otherwise, a jumpscare cutscene will take place and you will be transported back to the original moment when you died.


Spend hours building a total of 3 killer dolls, each with different rules to follow. During the first hour of the night, Kiki was the only doll playing. The giggles of a child indicate they are nearby and your goal is to find them as soon as possible. When caught, she disappeared after a fleeting glance. In general, you should keep an eye on them when you go to a neighbor’s house. She continues to spawn randomly throughout the game.

At 2 a.m., the clown joins the fight. If you see or hear a clown and you keep quiet, he will walk away. Experience has shown that even the slightest movement of the mouse will cause the clown to continue to attack you and scream. Unlike Kiki, you don’t need to make eye contact.

At 3 am, another doll is added with different rules to follow. Chester is characterized by a high-pitched and masculine laugh. If the player sees or hears something, they only have a few seconds to leave the room before dashing away. Between the clown Kiki and Chester, you find yourself stuck in a red light game, be careful to avoid areas where you can be caught by Chester.

Emily herself intervened shortly after 4am and the game became a real challenge from there. This time it’s just you and Emily. I haven’t encountered any dolls during my playthrough. You’ll see her 70 second timer at the bottom of the screen, telling you how long you have to find her before she kills you. Finding them will increase her remaining time by 70 seconds. Rinse and repeat.

As soon as the clock strikes 5 o’clock, all enemies begin their rounds and the game falls into chaos. Thoroughly search the house for Emily, following the rules of each doll. After about 5 minutes, start walking towards the entrance of the house. At 6 a.m., the front door finally opens and you’re seconds away from Emily arriving at your house.

Emily Wants to Play is one of the best in the APK games list. Download Emily Wants to Play APK for Android and Enjoy.

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