ClassDojo APK for Android is an app to connect teachers, parents, and students together. Download the tool and experience all of the main features for free!

About ClassDojo Android

It is an Android application that can make the relationship and the communication between those people better. Not only that, the user can keep track of the performance of the latter stages.

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A good program for studies and training

ClassDojo is also one of the new technologies that people often use in the education environment. It provides an efficient possibility to control students.

It means that teachers can manage and follow their behavior before sharing the information they have collected with parents.

How to start

Generate a profile and a classroom that available in schools/music centers/language academics…

Register an email address

It’s easy to interact with the intuitive screen afterward.

Other notable functions

Along with the data mentioned above, you can find out more from ClassDojo.

Support for various profiles from tutors to students

Not difficult to monitor the class and everybody inside individually or in groups

Reward work attitudes, so on

Point out matters necessary to be solved

Set reports such as multimedia contents including images and videos

Customizable for avatars and other personal info

Contain a tutorial


Android 5.0 is the minimum operating system to launch.

Has in-app purchases

By installing ClassDojo APK for Android, the customer can get a better concentration and management. Furthermore, it’s useful for parents and the one who is studying.

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74 MB

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