TETRIS is the Android version of the legendary former Soviet video game that took the world by storm in the mid-1980s and is still going strong today.


Today we present you a game that needs no introduction, the legendary Tetris APK. Its roots go back to his Soviet Union in 1984 and was founded by Alexei Pajitnov. Since then, we have seen and played this amazing puzzle game on every platform: computer, video console, mobile console, arcade machine. The main difference from then is that you can now download TETRIS for Android for free. This Android version of TETRIS by studio N3TWORK Inc. brings to you and contains the classic game with no extra rules or boosters, so you can play the same way as before while enjoying the convenience of touch controls. Maybe.

TETRIS APK features

  • Players can spend hours piecing together classic Tetris pieces and clearing lines.
  • Touch controls make it easy to place and rotate Tetriminos. Can be played offline.
  • The school has 5 different themes: Monsters, Meteors, Neon Futura, Triss Toys and 8 Bits.
  • The latter will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and are playing on the original Game Boy.
  • Players can compete for global leaderboard positions and compete with the best players in the world.


You can choose up to 50 avatars for your user profile. As soon as you download Tetris APK, you will be flooded with nostalgic memories of his past in one of the most successful games of all time.


The action of Tetris happens in a machine called a tetrion.

The largest part of the tetrion consists of a playing field that is 10 squares wide by 20 squares. It has other sections explained below.

Randomly chosen tetrominoes, i.e. four square blocks, fall one after another from the top of the field. Each tetromino enters the playing field with a certain direction and color depending on its shape. A part of the tetrion, called the piece preview, shows the next pieces that will enter the playing field.

The player can rotate the falling tetromino 90 degrees in the plane of the playfield by pressing the spin button counter-clockwise or clockwise, as long as the figure has room for rotation. Some versions of the game push the tetromino out of walls or other blocks to make room.

The player can move the falling tetromino aside one tile at a time by tapping the left or right arrow, or holding it to move faster, as long as the piece has room to move. Pieces cannot teleport through walls or other blocks.

At the top left, or in some cases, bottom right, of the tetrion is an area known as the holder where the player can store a tetromino for later use. At any time when a tetromino falls, the player can move it to the hold and any previously held tetromino will now move to the top of the playing field. After transferring a tetromino to the protecting box, the participant have to lock the ensuing tetromino earlier than protecting it (see below).

Each tetromino moves down by itself slowly. In general, players can use several methods to “drop” the tetromino or make it move downwards faster. After the tetromino lands on the ground or other block, the character pauses briefly before deciding how long the player can move the tetromino. Once locked, the player can no longer move the tetromino.

When a tetromino locks and thereby fills all the gaps in one or more rows of the playing field, those full rows are deleted. The blocks left above will move down according to the number of rows deleted.

If the playing field is not yet filled with blocks, the next piece will appear.

The Tetris action takes place on a machine called the Tetrion.

The largest part of Tetryon consists of a playground 10 square meters wide and 20 square meters deep. Other parts are described below.

A tetromino is chosen at random, i.e. he is a figure consisting of four squares, which one after another fall from the top of the field. Each tetromino enters the playing field in a specific direction and color depending on its shape. One part of Tetryon, the so-called figure preview, shows the next figure to enter the arena.

The player can rotate his falling tetromino 90 degrees in the plane of the playing field by pressing the spin button counterclockwise or clockwise (provided the figure has room to rotate). In some versions of the game, tetrominos are pushed out of walls or other blocks to create space.

The player can move faster by holding the left or right arrows to move the falling tetromino one by one if the shape has room to move. Pieces cannot move through walls or other blocks. At the top left and sometimes at the bottom right of Tetryon is an area called the Storage Box, where the player can store Tetrimin

Screenshot :

TETRIS Screenshot 4 TETRIS Screenshot 3 TETRIS Screenshot 2 TETRIS Screenshot 1


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