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Welcome to the trendiest first-person stealth horror game for Android! Hello Neighbor 1.0 challenges players to broke into the horror neighbor’s house to discover the dark secret hidden inside. This big hit now is available on Android smartphones with APK For Android here. Download now and try it on!

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Its storyline begins with the protagonist walks around the neighborhood and chase after a ball. Coincidently he gets into his neighbor’s house and sees the man there doing something suspiciously. From that moment on, the little kid tries to sneak into that house to find out the hidden secret in the basement. The game starts from then, players should ensure that the kid will not be busted.

This version is exactly similar to the massive hit PC version with controls adapted to the touchscreen instead of the usual physical consoles.

Though this game is listed in the horror genre, it contains neither darkness, nor monsters hiding in the shadow, nor blood. In contrast, the game offers sort of cute with cartoon plots and characters. Anyway, it’s still able to give us a hard time with that cuteness. This game will be the one that has those differences in the likes of this genre.

As all said and done, Hello Neighbor is super fantastic and entertaining that offers players intense and terrifying game experience. Besides, the game also obtains pretty great visuals and outstanding production values.

Can you surpass the clever neighbor? Install the APK Hello 1.0 Neighbor for Android here and try it on!

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