How to Install APK File on Android, MAC, and PC Window

Struggle with getting APK File for your device? Worry about install APK from unknown sources? help you to get hold of how to install APK File in detail right away!

APK file is no stranger to Android users. APK stands for Android Package Kit that is the package file format used by the Android OS for installing and distributing mobile applications.

Điểm neoSo, how to install APK on Android, even Mac, and PC window? Install APK from unknown sources? Is it easy for you to perform? And all about how to install APK file in PC windows, how to install APK files on the Android TV box, install APK on android without file manager, install APK from an unknown source.

All of these will be revealed right away!

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How to install APK file on Android

To set up APK on your Android device, you need to perform steps as follows:

APK installation process
  • Open the web browser on your Android device ( APK Pure, APKMirror )
  • Search a page with APK file you decide to install
  • Click on APK file to start the download and then tap OK to confirm that you want to begin the download
  • Once the download finishes, you tap “open” to launch the installation process
  • If the installation of APK files is disabled on your Android device, then you can tap on the “Settings” button and allow to install from the unknown sources in your file manager app
  • Press “Install” in the next dialog to launch the installation process

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How to install APK file in PC Window and Mac

For those who wonder if Android applications from APK files can be installed on Windows or Mac, the answer is entirely possible! You can install APK files through the Chrome web browser. To perform this, you need to have already installed the ARC Welder Chrome application. Follow these steps:

  • Check out: ARC Welder
  • Tap “Add to Chrome” button to install the “Arc Welder” chrome app and “Add app” in the next prompt
  • The download will start and Google Chrome will automatically come to chrome://apps as soon as the app is set up
  • Tap “Arc welder” icon to launch it
  • Tap the “Choose” button to decide a working folder in which Android will record its files on your hard drive
  • Then you will see on the screen “Test your app”
  • Press on the “Add your app” button and pick the Android app you wish to launch

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Final thoughts

After reading our detailed guides about how to install APK on Android, Mac, and PC Window, we hope that readers will clearly catch the way to set up APK on your device. Good luck!


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