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Uret Patcher 4.4 APK For Android is an automated tool to break the License Checks, remove ads, make in-app purchases, and other restrictions from Android Apps. Thanks to this, there will be no adverts that can disturb your experience on the cell phone, which wastes your time and make you annoyed. The question is if it works as a cracking software which is illegal and cheating?

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The answer is that it is entirely legal. This tool makes changes to some files which are written by Android System and does not modify any installed application. Besides, this app’s target is to patch apps installed on the phones, make in-app purchases, or remove advert but no spending a single cent. It involves no break at any article of the Copyrights of the Apps.


– Remove Google Ads

– Rebooter for Soft Reboot and Power Off to recovery by one click

– App manager features such as transparent data, uninstall, backup, and restore apk.


– Change animations

– Change font

– Change language

– Update check automatically

– Change portrait, landscape

– Reset settings

Download the Uret Patcher 4.4 APK For Android will sweep away all your annoyances, and your using time spending on your cell phone becomes more valuable and better.

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