GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto

Download GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto 1.09 APK For Android and you can reach the top of organized crime with the help of Tommy Vercetti.It is one of the most famous games of the well-known Rockstar saga released in 2002. The game is an action video game taking place in n the Miami in the 80s. Players will take a trip to the Vice City where Tommy Vercetti, one of the members of the mafia organization, has released from the prison and engaged in the unsuccessful drug business. After that, he decides to find out the culprits, and create his empire specifically to take control of every criminal gang in the city.

As a player, you will immerse yourself into this plot and control the game with occurs in the scenery including pedestrians, buildings, and transportations with your Al and the map that seems to have no limitation.


  • Graphics is high-definition with the improvement of character and light system
  • Include new options to aim to shoot and shoot as well
  • The ability of editing and adapting the controls to your gameplay.
  • Players will be completely free to discover all the city
  • Compatibility with the wireless gamepads
  • Capable of adjusting the graphical settings to the capacity of your devices
  • Include a big campaign with a lot of hours of gameplay
  • Immersion touchscreen effects are added in-game

In conclusion, GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto 1.09 opens up your chance to climb to the summit of organized crime. Don’t hesitate to download the APK for Android here and try it out yourself.

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GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto Additional Information

Rockstar Games
1 GB

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