Is it easy to open a Pages File?

Did you meet difficulties when opening a Pages file in Windows and google docs? If yes, why don’t you read “Open Pages File” now to find out the reasons?

Pages File
Pages File

Pages file is not a new and strange definition to many of you as you might have dealt with it several times before. However, I am sure you have had at least one time failed to open such a file.

Điểm neoTherefore, I am writing to give you a brief on what a Pages file means and how to open pages file in windows, open pages file in google docs and how to convert pages to pdf. Let’s explore!

How can we define a Pages file?

Pages files are created by an Apple software called Apple Pages. Such a software application contains a page layout application and a word processing developed by Apple.

Besides, Pages files have a base on the format of an XML file, so they can include a large number of word processing files.

Here is the software that can open, fix or convert the Pages files.

  • Free File Viewer
  • Parallels Tools Center
  • Free Download Manager
  • iTunes
  • Free File Converter

How to open a Pages file in Microsoft Windows?

It is quite easy to open a Pages file. Just follow these steps, you will get it done!

Step 1: You should make a copy of your Pages file. That is necessary because if you mess something up, you can have another one to use.

Step 2: Rename the Pages file by having a right-click on it.

Step 3: Now you have to delete the “.pages” extension, and then make a replacement with the “.zip” extension. Remember to press “enter” to save the change.

Step 4: Now you can open that new file. It will help you to open the Pages format content. So easy, right?

Note: Sometimes you have to make your file extension visible in the Windows. That is because you might need to change the extension of your pages document. Thus, to do that, you can follow these steps. Go to the “folder options”, click on “view”, then uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types”.

To sum up, opening a Pages file is not so difficult. If you get the awareness of the methods to open them, then you can get it opened easily. For more details about it, let’s access the link below. I hope that the shared information is helpful to you guys.


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