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Microsoft Outlook 4.1.82 is a professional email management app for users from Microsoft. It offers a sufficient handle for large attachment as well as inbox storage. Organize your emails, schedule efficiently on Android devices with APK file For Android for free download here.

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Microsoft Outlook is very super powerful and useful as the right hand of all users. It allows millions of users to access email accounts easily. They can also schedule meetings ahead of time with the organization’s function in the app. It connects other non-Microsoft email accounts to users’ Outlook profiles and brings all the emails from different inboxes into one single app. Moreover, this application can also protect users’ emails, documents, and alert threads with its anti-virus protection. Outlook in Android would scan all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses, block images, and restrict downloads from untrustable addresses.


Main features of the app are as below:

  • Works perfectly with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail,
  • Categorize inboxes such as work, home, friends.
  • Customize interface such as fonts, sizes, themes, pictures.
  • Manage inbox with the state of the art management features including Swipe gestures and smart filters with a great speed
  • Large inbox storage space up to 1TB.
  • Calendar and files are included in the inbox for better access,

Microsoft Outlook Additional Information

115.6 MB

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