Gmail – Email 6.0.200412 For IOS is a free email service provided by Google, a giant of technology in the world.  Download it For iPhone For Iphone 7Plus/8/10/11 now to manage your emails in a better way with storage capacity up to 15MB for emails and attachments.

Gmail is one of the best email services for all people at any age, any job. This app allows users to access freely with their Google account. Along with a huge storage, the app also offers other benefit packages including online saving, copying, storing unlimited images, uploading and sharing videos with no restrictions, and so on. Moreover, Gmail also enables users to access its other multiple web services. With these exclusive features, Gmail is growing rapidly and increasing significantly its reputation in the field of providing webmail services.


The app holds in its various amazing features, some of the main features are described below:

  • Support multiple accounts: It allows users to create and switch between accounts (up to 5).
  • Allow sending large files: Users can enclose attachments up to 25MB in their emails.
  • Provide a powerful searching engine: users can sort files quickly with keywords as they type.
  • Allow withdrawing sent emails after sending in a short amount of time.
  • Enable users to archive or delete emails by simple taps.
  • Offer fast completion for sentences.

Gmail – Email Additional Information

195 MB

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