GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto

Download and experience GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto 1.8 APK For Android, one of the best Rockstar games of the times, to travel back in time. This game is adapted to Android now.It is an action-packed adventure game taking place in the fictional state of San Andreas with the main character named Carl Johnson. He comes back home to make an investigation about the death of his mother. However, in a place occupied by criminal gangs, the police will accuse him of murder and after that, he will travel over three cities of the bang to avenge for his mother and defend other members in his family.


This version includes necessary options and improvements to remain this classic up where it relies on. Its features also make it not lose any original playability:

GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto
GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto
  • Remastered graphics is designed for Android smartphones and tablets only
  • Expand the range of color and improve the design of the characters
  • Graphical options are customizable
  • The camera and the movements of characters are controlled by two analog sticks
  • Include three control systems that only show off the buttons when essential.
  • Compatible with the cloud storage of the games

Especially, when driving your vehicles, you can enjoy the San Andreas soundtrack. Many gamers just want to drive over the town, try to escape from the police and listen to this soundtrack only without completing any tasks. If you want to experience the game right now, download the GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto 1.8 APK For Android here.

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GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto Additional Information

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