With this Octopus 5.4.6 APK Free Download For Android, you can connect your computer with your smartphone like the gamepad to play. In other words, it is like the Nintendo Switch.

There are many video games out there, most of them have a high quality such as arcade games, role-playing games, puzzles, adventures and so on. The only matter in this one is that you have no best option to control. Besides, the game will be much more exciting if you have a control different from the computer or the TV screen, just like you used to play when you were a kid. We are here to give you the resolution for it.


You have 2 options if you wish to play a game with the gamepad: buy a new one or use the keyboard or smartphone instead. This Octopus APK For Android will become your assistant if you choose the second option.

Main features of Octopus APK For Android

  • It has an app that you can search for the game right on it.
  • It is compatible with the gamepads, mouse devices, and also the keyboards.
  • The app contains the Cloud synchronization that you can save online and play on all kinds of devices. Besides, you will not worry about losing the game if something abnormal happens. When it is saved through the game through the Internet, it will never be lost unless you delete it.
  • You can control 30 games with the default key.

Wrap up

Thanks to this amazing Octopus APK For Android, you will not have to buy a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation to experience the feeling of holding a gamepad to play games in front of the screen. You should not ponder about this too much but ask your friends to come to your house and have fun with one another again, like your childhood time.

Octopus Additional Information

CZ Phoenix Studio
14.3 MB


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