Most people know about Google Drive 2.20.341.02.30 APK Free Download For Android. It gives you permission to manage the files that you upload to the online drive; and it will be safe except you delete it by yourself.

In the modern world, people know how important and useful it is to save the files on online storage services. It is the place in which you are able to upload all the files you want and edit as anywhere in the world, as long as your device connects to the network.

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Besides that, we cannot skip Dropbox with some solutions by Microsoft, Apple, One Drive, iCloud, and other search engines.

An online hard drive with 15 GB of space

It has the full possibility for all the users on the Googe’s server. Users will just need to sign up for an account to access the server. In other words, you will use your own email address to access Gmail, Youtube, Docs, Google +, and other equivalent tools.

Main features of Google Drive

  • You can upload the files and save them in a safe place after using this wonderful Google Drive.
  • Use the content or name as the keywords to search for the files you want.
  • You can share them all with other users as you wish in this way. Send the link to download all the necessary elements. After that, you can carry out the collaborative edits.
  • You can open the contents of PDF, Word, Exel, JPG, and more than 30 different straight from this app.
  • You should check for your recent files frequently.
  • You should view the details of the contents in your offline folders. All the details and activities will be carried out and checked carefully in your files.
  • Integration with all Google Photos.
  • Just scan the paper document by using the camera of your device and then share them online with social media.
  • You have permission to access many different levels such as comments, editions, viewing, and so on.

Integration with Google Docs

Google Drive is one of the nicest and most memorable angles approached by Google. It also has office tools just like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. Thus, you can create or edit the documents right from this app. It also gives you permission in order to edit the spreadsheets, accesses slideshows, or view PDF files every time you want.

How much does this Google Drive cost? What is the price for different plans?

The limited storage is totally free for everyone in the world. As we mentioned in the above part, you will need an email address to access this one.

  • 15 GB: It is free and the default for all users in the world.
  • 100 GB: You will have to pay 1.99 pounds per month and you will own 7 times the capacity of storage.
  • 1 TB: To own 1.000 GB, you will pay 9.99 pounds per month. This is the most favourite paid service of many people in the world because it meets the requirements of many professionals. 
  • 10 TB: This is the vast hard drive that costs 99.99 pounds per month. This package is suitable for research or academic institutions or some companies.

Wrap up

No matter if you are just a normal person using this Google Drive for personal projects or the professional, the owner of the company that needs the big storage to save all the researching and private data safely, you should stop pondering but download it now. Thanks to it, you can sleep well with no concern about losing data if something bad suddenly happens to your device. Please take note that it is compatible with Windows, iPhone, Mac, and even Linux.

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