Fortnite 12.50 is an awesome game that has APK file free Download For Android on our website. It is the number 1 trending survival game, which is played by millions of people from all over the world.

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When talking about survival games, players surely will think about PUBG and other games such as Fortnite. This article will talk about Fortnite, The most awesome Battle Royale survival game.


Fortnite 12.50 is a survival game, similar to PUBG, players are required to survive against other players who are on the same battlefield as yours. You may be very skillful or lucky to become the last one standing on the field.

You will start the game at the airport, where all players will be delivered to the battlefield on an airplane, there are 100 players will compete in each match. Their mission is to become the last one standing on the battlefield to become the winner. If you group up with friends, the team which has the last one standing wins.

The feature which makes it superior to PUBG is that players are able to build their base to hide from opponents, instead of hiding in the available structures. Players are also able to destroy structures on the battlefield, which is a realistic feature making the game awesome.

Fortnite Apk Download For Android
Fortnite Apk Download For Android

You are also able to gather resources and other gears for battling your opponents. Those items are easy to be found in different structures or will be dropped to the battlefield using parachutes.You also need to notice the safe zone, which will reduce in size after time. Stepping out of the safe zone will result in you losing health. It supports many different platforms, which include gaming consoles and mobile devices.

The android version of Fortnite 12.50 is available to free download and install using the APK file.

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