The hijacker 1.5 APK Free Download For Android is a convenient app for all users in the world that you can use to attack the subject of networks that you wish to manage with pen-testing.


This one has many techniques that you can seek to attack any network you need for your own purposes. After using this one successfully, you can steal information about network connections, modems, and so on.

Main features of Hijacker

This app was created and developed for pen-testing or penetrations tests. For more necessary information, now its highlighted features carefully to understand it more clearly.

  • You can export the chosen information to the file.
  • It allows you to copy the Mac addresses and commands.
  • It is easy to enable and disable automatic monitoring.
  • You can sort and filter all the access points with the stations of many parameters.
  • It has a specific one such as DoS, MDK3 Beacon Flooding, and so on.
  • You can get some points, clients, activities of some particular network, data of the manufacturer, the signal strength of smartphones, stations, and so on.

Wrap up

This Hijacker has a lot of cool features and benefits that you should not hesitate to download now to your devices. Remember to use this app for good purposes.

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Additional Information

6.5 MB


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