PACYBITS 21 – draft and pack simulator

PACYBITS 21 – draft and pack simulator works as the best emulator of FIFA Ultimate Team with the capability of letting gamers create their own football team and take part in online tournaments against the rest of the players. Now you can get the APK for Android here.


It is probably the best emulator of all the FUT ones out there. With it, players can create the number of teams without any limitations and lead them to compete in various game modes and complete missions such as collecting cards, trading players, gaining prizes in many challenges.


There are outstanding features of this emulator:

Pacybits FUT Draft 20
Pacybits FUT Draft 20
  • Participate in the unlimited number of drafts, make tournament simulation and join in DBC challenges competition.
  • Develop your team with collected cards and try to compete in the new Versus mode.
  • Exchange your cards with other gamers
  • Join playing daily tournaments and become the champion of the season
  • Try to collect cards and explore completely the daily updates. You also can pick current famous players or even real legends
  • Finish achievements to unlock special cards for your team
  • Make your own cards and share them with the rest of the gamers
  • Take part in the online mode against other players or solo.

In brief, PACYBITS 21 – draft and pack simulator actually is a great choice for all of you to build your own football team and set out epic matches. The APK for Android is available here.

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28 MB


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