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Get free training plans with detailed instructions in Muscle Booster 1.5.4! Download it now to your phones and keep your body fit and toned anytime with useful exercises from the app!

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Muscle Booster is a cool training and fitness app for everyone from A.L. AMAZING APPS LIMITED. It provides a bunch of different personalized training plans for both home workouts and gym training. Based on the need for trainers, the routine will be built with different exercises. It can be a schedule with full movements for losing weights, or exercises for all main muscle groups, such as abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt. Consequently, users can easily focus, follow their goals, and soon achieve a fit body.

Besides, the app also helps users to exercise precisely. By offering animations and detailed video guidance for each physical jerk in a warm-up and stretching routine, it assures users to perform the right postures and movements during each exercise.


The app goes with below exclusive features:

  • Provide a combination of exercises according to users’ goals, including cardio, strength, recovery, and LISS (walking, running, cycling) exercises.
  • Instruct exercising with videos playable on Youtube.
  • Update weekly the Workout plan according to users’ progress and feedback.

Muscle Booster 1.5.4 is specially designed for those who take serious care about health and appearance. It’s a great personal trainer at building suitable plans for everyone. Download it now and get better, stronger, faster, harder day after day.

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