Mario Kart Tour

Download and experience Mario Kart Tour 2.4.0 APK For Android, the first game of the popular series named Mario Kart. The main characters from Nintendo’s video games will appear car racing competitions.

Like other games in this saga, this game is a car racing simulator where players will drive various cars with familiar characters from the Nintendo’s games. It is based on the original Mario Kart philosophy when it is designed with attractive graphics and to allow players to perform all types of stunts and wonderful actions that sit behind these vehicle’s wheels.

Main features of this game that you can find in-game are as below:

Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour
  • Include various game modes
  • The playable character system such as Luigi, Mario, Kong, Donkey, Mii, Daisy, and more
  • Add several objects on-track including bananas, mushroom, blue shells, starts, and much more
  • Offer a variety of car modes
  • Play different tracks when racing around
  • Let players play online against their friends or the rest of gamers around the world
  • Consist of multiple challenges of the likes of “Goomba Takedown” and “Vs. Mega Bowser”.
  •  Players are possible to collect transportations, drivers, badges, and other factors.
  • Players need to make or associate a Nintendo account to start things off.

Indeed, Mario Kart Tour 2.0.1 brings you in racing competitions with other players and experience stunts and actions on-track while enjoying appealing soundtracks. Don’t hesitate to download it APK for Android and try it out yourself.

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