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You don’t have anyone to chat with when you are bored? This Siri 1.1 for Android is born for you! Download it now and experience the differences between this and the perfect assistant Siri 1.1 for iOS!


Siri 1.1 for Android is a product and trademark from Turbo Terminal PLC. It is listed in the Free Productivity category with the latest update on April 23, 2014. The app aims to be functioned as a complete voice assistant for daily needs for Android devices.

It seems that the developer has stopped developing this application. Therefore, until the latest version 1.1, this voice assistant is just partially completed as a solo chatting AI. Users will not be able to carry out online researches or other voice querries with this unfinished product. This app will feature only receiving and sending messages with more or less uncertainty. The app will be suitable for curious individuals or too bored people who have no chat friends.

As all said and done, at the moment, this app is regrettably not able to meet any standards for being a voice assistant. Fortunately, there are many high-quality alternatives to Siri 1.1 for Android available in the market. Users can consider using Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby, or even Sherpa for a better experience.

Siri Additional Information

Turbo Terminal PLC
8.2 MB


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