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IGTV 138.0 For IOS is a standalone application for IOS.  It supports users to watch amazing long-form videos, film vertical videos, as well as post them on one of the biggest social networks, Instagram.  Download it now For iPhone For Iphone 7Plus/8/10/11 to explore interesting one-hour vertical clips of celebrities and yours!


This app is different from other typical video platforms. It is designed not to list out a series of videos to users. It’s much beyond that as being built for how users use their phones and not limited to one minute. That means the system automatically offers a series of videos that may be interesting based on the history of views and searches. With this long-form video platform, users can easily see their favorite videos from favorite creators they follow, as well as making their personalized videos.


As a new promising app, it includes exclusive features that got tons of positive comments from users as described below:


  • Sync automatically to the history of views and searches on Instagram and build specific video lists for users.
  • Instantly follow contacts subscribed to Instagram.
  • Provide accounts for private users and public celebrities.
  • Offer more eye-catching, qualified, and longer videos.
  • Enable creating personalized video channels, likely Youtube, and allowing for comments on videos from followers.
  • Allow saving draft videos, finishing it later, and publishing it afterward.

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Instagram, Inc.
131.2 MB

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