Facebook Local Free Download For iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 keeps you posted on nearby events and activities. You just take a look at the map then you will know them all.

Catch up with all the latest events, festivals, concerts, and everything around your town

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As you know, Facebook is currently the most popular social application in the world. People use this app to make friends with each other, snooper around people’s profiles, update news, etc. However, another purpose of it is the events calendar. With Facebook Local, you will learn everything about events that will happen in your town. These events will be advertised. When you open the app, you will learn all information about them easily. Hence, if you love to attend events or any festivals, then download the app now!

This is a standalone app that helps you find out what is taking place, when, and where. It is packed with a category system in which you can search for your favorite stuff, such as cafes, nearby restaurants, friends, etc. You will know them by just looking at the map. The map will show all events organized nearby, parties that your friends attend, and so forth.

What will you get from Facebook Local?

It should be a must-use app for people who care about events and activities around their towns. Here are some great features of the app that you will love:

  • You can keep up with the events, places, and recent activities happening in your town.
  • Also, you will know the activities and places that your friends are interacting with.
  • It allows you to add events you care about from your calendar. By doing so, you can keep up with all the events easily.
  • Filter your searches for events and nearby activities on the map by elements, such as date, location, category, etc.
  • You can get recommendations based on the places or things you have done before.
  • The app sends you notifications of the events that are going to be taken place. It also lets you know if there are any changes or updates on those events.

You can download Facebook Local to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.0 or above. It lets you know all events in your town. Try using the app to stay updated with the latest events!

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