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Grindr 6.7.2 For IOS is a dating app specially designed for homosexuals – gays in particular. This is the first social network where gays can come in and look for a love relationship with others in the same genre. Download now For iPhone For Iphone 7Plus/8/10/11  to explore the first open-world of homosexuals!


Though many countries in the world, including Vietnam, have legalized the rights of the LGBT community, still a large number of homosexuals cannot public their true identity due to social prejudice. As a result, just a few people can find suitable people to share, to talk, and even to date. Acknowledge this fact, Grindr has been born to create a playground for the homosexuals where they can expose their true selves, make friends, and find a partner.


Grindr 6.7.2 is updated frequently to bring a better experience to its users. Its main features include:

  • Offer more chances for a date with up to 600 guys appear near your location.
  • Provide good, and clean profiles with bigger photos.
  • Allow chatting and sharing personal info.
  • Enable advanced filter for a perfect match.
  • Allow staring as well as block people with a simple tap.
  • Report someone faster.
  • Allow sharing locations to meet someone easier.

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