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By using Waze, you are accessing one of the giant maps apps with the most detailed and largest world map for your endless exploration around the world. Download it now to your Android gadgets and scare off getting lost with this perfect map and GPS navigator!

Waze geopositioning and map application is a useful service for navigations and directions Waze company. The app is born to serve community everything related to locations, GPS positions, routes, and directions. By using this app, users can go anywhere without getting lost as it offers a wide range of benefits, from real-time GPS navigation to traffic and transit info of any places around the world. Moreover, the app can also help to plan the most efficient routes with less traffic to save maximum time for driving, biking, or even walking. With exclusive features offered, this free navigator will be the perfect location tracking tool for everyone, especially for those with a poor sense of direction.


The app offers main features as below:

  • Suggest the best traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions.
  • Provide real-time transit info for catching buses, trains, or ride-shares at the best convenience.
  • Analyze current traffic, incidents, and road closures and reroute automatically to save time.
  • Provide locations of cheap gas stations.
  • Offer step-by-step navigation with voice instructions so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.
  • Traffic and the best routes are updated instantly with the user community.


Waze has dozens of same features with the app Maps from giant Google. However, this one is ranked a bit higher with more up-to-date real-time data and incident information as well as lesser space storage requirements.

Waze Additional Information

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