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Download Facebook Lite 197.0 now for iPhone 7Plus/8/10/11 to stay updated with friends and family and treat your phones better! It is the low consumption version of the most popular social network Facebook and ideal for old iPhones as well as areas with low Internet speed.


Facebook Lite has been available for the Android platform since 2015. However, Mark Zuckerberg started the project for IOS devices in 2018. As introduced, this version is born to bring Facebook to everyone.

The app enables users to save data and mobile resources. It is amazingly light with a size under 5MB, much lighter than the full version of almost 500MB. Therefore, it costs a very small amount of Internet data to implement basic features such as surfing news feed, photos, notifications, finding events. With this size, it allows users suffering from the low-speed Internet connection, or bearing high paid Internet, to stay updated to the world.

As all said and done, Facebook Lite 197.0 is super effective and convenient. It ignores the interface and truly focuses on the core values – bringing people together. The app itself is a big support for low configuration IOS devices such as 4S, 6S, iPad 2, and iPad mini.

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Facebook, Inc.
21.9 MB

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