MAD FUT 21 Draft & Pack Opener (IOS)

MAD FUT 21 Draft & Pack Opener For IOS is a dedicated emulator for FIFA Ultimate Team which is developed by EA Sports. Download it now for iPhone 7Plus/8/10/11 to build your Ultimate Team and bring the world of soccer king game in your pocket.


This product of PacyBits offers ease to create FIFA Ultimate Team squads. Players can adjust the team in the way they prefer as it uses playing cards for this. By collecting players’ cards or swapping it with other gamers, gamers are enabled to build their team including the starting lineup, alternates, and reserves.

There is also one difference that makes the game stands out from other soccer games. The best team here surely is not a team gathering all five stars players. It focuses more on the importance of chemistry between players. The team with players from the same country or club who can support each other will play their best in each game.

After finishing establishing teams, players take part in various leagues and tournaments to defeat other teams. Players are also allowed to compete in different online game modes with either Ai teams or other gamers’ teams.

As all said and done, MAD FUT 21 Draft & Pack Opener For IOS is one the top contender of FUT emulators and highly recommended for IOS platform with annually innovative updates for tons of modifications, and eye-catching design

MAD FUT 21 Draft & Pack Opener Additional Information

83.6 MB

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