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If you want to set a new location to play geographical required games or to prank your friends with a fake location, GPS JoyStick 4.2 is born for you! Download it now to your Android devices and change your GPS location more easily!

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GPS JoyStick 4.2 is a new application from a United States company – The App Ninjas and listed in the Maps and Navigation subcategory. As its name, this location faker works as a system allowing changing the location of the GPS instantly and easily via superimposed joystick control.

This app includes the best algorithm to fake GPS location perfectly. Therefore, the app fits with those want to fake GPS location to play games like Pókemon Go, to travel around the world without a visa and any other problems, or to play jokes to friends.


The latest version is packed with interesting features as listed below:

  • Change GPS location instantly and easily.
  • Allow selecting any locations in the world by using maps or joystick.
  • Support entering latitude/longitude directly from the joystick to change location.
  • Automatically create and save a route after using it.
  • Displays distance and cooldown time information.
  • Import and export GPX files to users’ favorites, routes, or custom markers.

Are you ready to go around the world with your phones? Download GPS JoyStick 4.2 now and enjoy fooling around!

GPS JoyStick Additional Information

The App Ninjas
7.1 MB

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