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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 is the official version of the battle royale game. Now it has APK for Android so you can experience most of its outstanding features on your Android.

It aims to enable you to enjoy the online action game whenever you want. Actually, it is one of the best online shooters where you will run around a large battlefield with 64 square kilometers and have to fight against 99 rivals. Especially, you are able to take advantage of any weapon you encounter, drive all vehicles, and use various structures to be a shelter or set up ambushes as well.


  • Port of the PC version will enable you to play the game like on your computer: A battle is created with 100 players that set free on an 8×8 km battlefield and have to fight against each other until there is only one survivor.
  • Unreal Engine 4 will give players the best graphical experience as possible. Besides, the audio is also HD with 3D effects so that players can feel as if they were on the battlefield.
  • Brings you the realistic shots with a vast of weapons available that function according to ballistic laws
  • You can ride different sorts of vehicles to escape or chase from your enemies
  • You also are allowed to build alliances with your friends as well as chat with them through the voice chat.
  • And much more

Definitely, the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 APK For Android will bring all of us the best shooter experience as possible. Download and enjoy it right now.

PUBG Mobile Additional Information

Tencent Games
49.6 MB

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