AmpMe Free Download APK For Android is an Android application that lets you make a network of speakers using many mobile devices. Then, you can enjoy the music on your device.

It is easy to turn mobile devices into a chain of speakers for playing music

There is a multitude of ways for enjoying music on mobile devices. Making a network of speakers to play music is one of the best ways for you. So, if you are into this method, you probably have to download AmpMe. It is an application that allows you to utilize many mobile devices to make the network of speakers. Then, it lets you use those speakers to listen to your favorite songs right on your phone.

The point of the app is to sync various devices. Through this synchronization, it will form a chain of speakers. After that, you can start using them for playing music easily. Your phone will be changed into a network. Then, you link your phone or tablet to it. If you want to link with the latter, simply press Play then input the given code. You can apply this to your friends’ devices as well. Then, they will become the speakers of your sound system. Besides, the phone now acts as a control center. In other words, you can use it to find elements such as albums, songs, artists, as well as playlists.

Some features of AmpMe

Although this is a simple application for music, it still provides users some great features, for instance:

  • You can stream videos or music from many platforms like YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, or even the Music Library of your phone.
  • It allows you to sync various phones then play music or videos simultaneously on many devices.
  • The more phones you connect to, the louder it will be.
  • You can use the app on Android or iOS devices. Make sure they have Bluetooth speakers.

AmpMe free download functions on Android 4.4 or above. You can download it for free then use it to improve your music-listening experience!


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