Pokémon GO

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Try experiencing Pokémon GO 0.173.2 APK For Android on your phone, a great mobile gaming hit of the last years. It is a combination of the Pokémon universe and augmented reality.


This game, essentially, allows players to make the real world into a place where they can hunt down these creatures. All you need is getting its APK installed on your devices and a Pokémon may appear anywhere. Once they come out on your screen, instantly hunt down and catch them. Note that they only appear for a short time so you have to catch them as quickly as possible


Here are the main features you can find when playing this game:

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
  • Make your player profile that comes along with an avatar and your Pokémon companion’s photo
  • Become a member of hunter team
  • Set your time to train your Pokémon in your gym room
  • Hold your coins to buy objects you need in the virtual store
  • Obtain various rewards
  • Pay attention to color code to know the probability to catch Pokémon
  • Get hold of special objects placed at the Pokéstops that are located at positions of public interest in the real world. They depend on the specific level of players

Indeed, Pokémon GO 0.173.2 challenges you hunting Pokémon down for your Pokémon collection. Try to take advantage of these features above and catch them faster. You can get its APK for Android here to enjoy it.

Pokémon GO Additional Information

Niantic, Inc.
91 MB

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