Clash Royale 3.2.4 APK For Android is for players who love real-time tower-defense strategy games. If you actually are a regular fan of this type as well as Clash of Clans, it is very pity if you miss this game.

Essentially, this game is a multiple battle game that combines key elements of real-time tower-defense strategy games and collectible card games. In-game you will fight against an opponent in combat and your target is to demolish his three towers before being knocked down. To do it, you need to deploy your army to attack the bases of your enemy. However, you have to collect your troops’ cards and get the elixir to deploy them.


  • One vs one real-time duel with the rest of players around the world
  • Demolish their towers to obtain the crown, chests filled with treasures and defend yourself as well
  • To extend your deck, collect more new cards and unlock the rewards
  • Take part in the clan of players available or build your own one to share cards
  • Private duels with your friends or clanmates
  • Try to unlock new arenas
  • Cheats and hacks to fight better and even win the game
  • Search for the tactics to succeed from the TV Royale

There are still multiple other unique features for you to explore and experience at Clash Royale 3.2.4. Don’t hesitate to download the APK for Android here and try it out yourself.

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Additional Information

108 MB

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