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Download Worldbuilding 1.28 APK For Android and you can create a world of blocks just like in the Minecraft world. Essentially, it is a free replacement for all players who are fans of building impossible worlds on their phones.

Have you ever experienced the endless world in Minecraft? If you really want to play a construction game like that in which you are able to make use of all kinds of materials to build your own world as you expect, the Worldbuilding will be a great choice for you. It will provide you the same feature of a world of blocks but for free. That’s incredible!

Primarily, we can say that it is created as an old looking copy of Minecraft coming along with the construction and survival modes available for players like in the original title. Of course, in the first mode, your task is construction, and in the second mode, you have to stay alive while facing all the lurking dangers.


  • You are able to construct all kinds of structures
  • Brings us an infinite universe without any limitations
  • You can make use of WiFi network in order to join the multi-player mode
  • You also can be a miner and collect materials in-game

Don’t hesitate to download APK for Android of Worldbuilding 1.28 and experience the endless world right now.

Worldbuilding Additional Information

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