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The BYJU’S – The Learning App is an app that can be downloaded to computers. It supports the Indian students to reinforce the knowledge in different majors, both the academic and general subjects.

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Someone said that if you were not willing to learn, no one could help you, but if you were determined, no one could stop you. This saying is true to all the ages of the development of human being, especially at this time when everything keeps changing day by day. The useful lesson you studied yesterday may become useless tomorrow. Don’t be anxious if you are too busy to register an extra class because the BYJU’S – The Learning App for computers will be with you.

This is an app to provide the knowledge for India educative system. It has Maths and Science from the fourth grade to twelve grade. Using this app every day, and you can remember many important things necessary for both small and big test.

Don’t skip the below features; then you will know whether this is an easy app to use on the computer

Main features

  • It can help to monitor your progress and performances by sending you some reports about the results. When you try hard every day, you just focus on the knowledge and how to remember everything. Therefore, this report is very important to gain motivation for you to try harder.
  • It provides some quizzes game to check and review your knowledge. You can easily realize if you have forgotten anything and consolidate it. Once you use this feature, the knowledge will stay longer in your head.
  • You can review the lessons on each module and concepts. You know learning a new lesson organized in the system is the best way to remember something effortless.
  • There are many guide learning resources like via videos.


Let’s download the BYJU’S – The Learning App to your computers and see how much things you have left.

The BYJU’S – The Learning App Additional Information

22.4 MB

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