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MAPS.ME 1.20 – A great offline version of Google Maps! Download this wonderful mapping resource to your phone now and travel everywhere in the world with unique paths and routes only appear in this map even when you’re offline!


MAPS.ME 1.20 application is a free service for the community from the MapsWithMe GmbH. As its name, the app focuses on everything related to locations, routes, and directions.

The app can be a great navigator with full instructions of directions for all kinds of vehicles, from cars to motorbikes and even on foot. Moreover, it can also be a fast and reliable travel guide for travelers. By corporating with the best travel content creators in the world, the app has set up a huge catalog for hundreds of interesting places in the world.

With exclusive features offered, this free offline navigator will be the perfect location tracking tool for everyone, especially for travelers who love to explore.


  • Access to up-to-date maps free of charge.
  • Get navigation and directions without an Internet connection or data plan.
  • Provide more routes and paths to the most interesting places than any other map apps.
  • Find places sorted by categories such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and so on.
  • Support booking hotels via from the app.
  • Allow sharing location via chat messages or social networks.

MAPS.ME 1.20 has been trusted by hundreds of millions of users around the world with over 30 famous cities and hundreds of amazing areas mapped in the app. Let’s try it now for safe travel!

MAPS.ME Additional Information

MapsWithMe GmbHTeslaCoil Software
57.2 MB

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