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Raft Survival Simulator 1.6.1 APK For Android will allow you to become the sole survivor of the shipwreck among the ocean that has to find a way to live by utilizing his brainpower and gathering materials and foods.

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Imagine that you have been trapped among the wide ocean with a small raft and the sole tool that you have is the fishing hook to stay alive and achieve the result as positive as possible. That’s how Raft Survival Simulator 1.6.1 operates, a sandbox-sort survival game that will definitely recall the Minecraft game yet because of its polygonal graphics since we will have to gather the materials and tools available to create or construct the aspects we need to stay alive with the sharks and other ocean entities.

Construct your shelter and stay alive among the huge ocean

Dissimilar with the other games created by Mojang studios in which we could discover a mostly lasting plot on the mainland, to take all the kinds of policies and documents, here we will be lost among the huge ocean, even though we will be able to roam by the small wooden raft. The fact is that by touching the left of the monitor, we could displace around (at a slow speed), while the right side can be utilized to turn behind and see what is happening at the back of us.

Central Features

By installing the APK of the game, we can enjoy the activity as the below list:

  • Gathering all kinds of materials going adrift in the water: boxes, wooden planks, ropes, leaves, etc.
  • Create fresh tools like a hammer or other sorts of weapons.
  • Gathering seawater to purify and make use of drinking and cooking
  • Going out to catch fish to prevent the hunger
  • Enlarging your raft with the materials you have gathered

Cheat to get the victory at the Raft Simulator

Moreover, Raft Survival Simulator is now free to download for iOS devices from the App Store. The game also supplies the download for Windows PC this is complex to manage and can make the player angry, especially if the similar hell shark kills you continuously per 10 seconds.

It will be always an awesome idea to keep some kinds of direction or the tutorial can be searched on the Internet to know how to use the finest cheats to get the victory in the battle with the ocean entities. Out of those cheats, we have to appoint that you have to make an effort to gather materials as many as possible since they will entirely helpful. In fact, the more materials you gather, the more opportunities you have to enlarge your raft and grow the crops on it.

Download Raft Survival Simulator 1.6.1 to experience the survival challenge among the ocean. This game will be suitable for those who are tired of the classical survival game.

How To Install Raft Survival Simulator APK

  • Get the Raft Survival Simulator APK file from open-apk.com.
  • Launch file manager on the Android device and tap on Download Files/Raft Survival Simulator.APK.
  • One thing that should be noticed is the setting “Accept the installation of unknown source” has been established. If the device has been not yet activated, it can be set up by accessing Settings/Safety/Privacy/Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • As soon as the installation of the Raft Survival Simulator.APK has been already finished.


Raft Survival Simulator
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