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The Aarogya Setu 1.2.2 APK for computers is a shred of evidence to show the world that the Indian Government has put many efforts to roll back the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This is an important step to protect both local and foreign people living in this country.

Unlike the Corona Kavach which ask all the people report their medical status, this app is created to give all the important and necessary information that everyone should know about this global pandemic.

The guidance is very easy and simple so that everyone can read find it understandable to follow. They are not required to have any specialised medical knowledge or where they live, the age they are, the richness poverty their status are, just read and follow exactly the same as the instruction.

That basic knowledge includes:

  • The methods and means to avoid the infection of this virus.
  • Some information about the infection risks which those have or have not contacted with the patients of the Coronavirus.
  • The official news about the medical status of the country and what method or rules the Government recommend and carry out so that it can avoid all the fake news which can spread the over fear for the citizen.
  • The protocol of all the action if you are suspicious to catch the infection.

In short 

Thanks to the creation of this Aarogya Setu 1.2.2 APK for computers, hopefully, the COVID-19 can be rolled back as soon as possible. After that, the economy can be restored, which guarantee the jobs and safety for all the Indians.

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