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The Corona Kavach app 1.1.2 is a new application which has been created to serve in the COVID-19 pandemic since it has attacked the country whose population is equivalent to 17.7% of the world’s population.

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Corona Kavach2

Not only India but many countries in the world ask their citizen to report the medial status app like Vietnam and Singapore.

Since it is for everyone, you can find it very simple and understandable to use. It requires the users to provides the essential and necessary symptoms they have caught and places they have gone through. Thanks to that valuable information, the government will soon notice whether you are suspicious to meet any patient of this Coronavirus, or it is you who can spread this dangerous virus to the community.

In short 

Covid-19 is slowing down in the world but does not stop. Therefore, all the Indian have to be careful, have the consciousness of protein yourself and the others around. To a person, it may be a tiny action. Still, if everyone listens and follows the recommendation of the government and use Corona Kavach app 1.1.2 both in mobile phones and computers, especially in the high population density as India, this country can win the war against the most mystery and dangerous virus ever soon.

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Government of India
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