Netcut APK Free Download for Android aims to keep your wireless network safe. It will let you know who has connected to your network via IP/MAC address.

Make use of Netcut to keep your WiFi network safe


Have you ever been in a situation where your WiFi network came late? It must be very annoying to have a lag Internet connection. The reason leading to that situation is probably someone who has connected to your WiFi. You should not let this happen because it will decrease the speed of your Internet connection. This is not good at all, especially when you need to work.

Now, with NetCut tool, you can easily detect people who are exploiting your WiFi without asking for your permission. If someone is exploiting your network, it will cause a limitation to your bandwidth. Besides, it may stop you from transferring your data through the network. But now, you can use the tool those users to protect your WiFi network. You can download its APK file on your Android device.

The apps give you all information about the unauthorized users. It also lets you know their ID addresses, the names of their devices, and even the physical address. You can use the app on other platforms, such as Windows XP to Windows 10, Consoles, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Ipad, and various tablets.

What does Netcut APK for Android feature?

You will love to use the app for its unique features, such as:

  • It allows you to uncover people who have connected to your WiFi network.
  • You have a right to connect and disconnect the devices on your network.
  • If you doubt someone who is on your network, you can scan the network to detect them.
  • It allows you to block the signal when you feel a need.
  • The app also helps you discover people who are attacking your network.

Note: The app requires Android 4.1 and above. Make sure you enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the Settings to install it.

Netcut APK for Android will definitely give you a great experience on WiFi network. Use it now then there will be no unauthorized users exploiting your network.

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