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Explore the basic Whatsapp in a much more flexible, authorized way and get control over accounts with one of the most popular WhatsApp modifications – GBWhatsApp 10.35. Install it on your Android devices with its APK for Android free download here.


GBWhatsApp 10.35 is ranked second with one million users for the most popular modifications for Whatsapp, behind WhatsApp Plus. With tons of useful features and user-friendly interface, the mod makes conversations so easy and interesting. Moreover, it also allows users to switch from WhatsApp without losing any chats. It’s more secure, trustable, and interesting than the classic WhatsApp.

The app has been managed by Fouad Mokdad, founder of other popular WhatsApp mods such as FM WhatsApp, Fouad GBWhatsApp. He now also manages YoWhatsApp, another famous mod of WhatsApp,


The mod provides a variety of features that are unavailable in the classic WhatsApp. Details are as below:

  • Allow sharing up to 100 images at once, videos up to 50MB in one go, and audio files up top 100 MB with no compression.
  • Enable scheduling ahead of time: birthdays, meeting reminders, broadcasts, and important messages.
  • Anti-revoke messages. Users can read all deleted messages as they have never disappeared.
  • Better privacy on removing last seen status, checking messages status, hiding blue dot n recordings.

GBWhatsApp Additional Information

37.6 MB

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