One of the best 3D shooting video game developed by EPIC Games, Fornite 12.50 For IOS, now is available for iPhone 7Plus/8/10/11. Download it now to enjoy the fast-paced multiplayer game from the famous high-tech sport EPIC Games.

Fortnite is always one of the best shooting games ever for gamers. The game was first launched on Steam in 2017 and became one of the hottest titles at that time. After one year since the first release, the game contributed revenue of millions of dollars and millions of players watching on Steam, Three years have gone, Fornite still stands out in gamers’ community.

The mobile version for iPhone released on August 9, 2018 also becomes a huge hit. It embraces 3D cool graphics inspired by comics and cartoons. Combining with the gameplay as Minecraft packed into a battle royale, Fortnite has brought the best experience and got all gamers crazy for it.


As introduced, this shooting game is a combination of a shooter game and Minecraft gameplay. It is established with a background of an abandoned island where gamers play the role of the first person parachuting onto it and managing to survive. Players have to wipe out all of the enemies and rivals, and become the last standing person to be the victory. They can do anything with their characters from customizing everything suitably, building a sold shelter, crafting some good tools, to temporarily corporating with other gamers to win the game.

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Epic Games
237.4 MB

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