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Turn back to the old days with the best-selling game of all time from Nintendo, Super Mario Bros 1.2.5! The famous plumbers Mario and Luigi with their fascinating yet challenging adventure of Nintendo’s physical console is finally available on Android smartphones with its APK For Android for free download at!

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This Android version is an unofficial adaptation for the original development carried out by the Japanese company. It was created by an anonymous developer over a year ago with a purpose bringing the original super hit to every player, especially those who cannot access to Wii or Nintendo 64. Though it’s just an unofficial version, the game obtains the flawless audio and gameplay that make the most of the title to all its beloved players. This will help players to play the game with a dedicated controller for the purest experience.


Players play the role of hubby plumber Mario. Along with inseparable Luigi, they start a long journey to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of evil Browser. The journey is full of dangers and challenges with enemies out of the blue, players shall control Mario to run, jump through levels, avoid or kill enemies by jumping on their heads while collecting coins for extra life. Try to collect different superpowers such as mushrooms, flying mushrooms, Ghost Mario, Shooting Mario, Fireball Mario to upgrade Mario to win Super Mario Bros 1.2.5.

Let’s remember your younger days with the super hit of all time on your phones! APK Super Mario Bros 1.2.5 for Android is ready for download here.

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