The PlenixRoyale 2.0.0 APK For Android is a strategy game that took the inspiration from Clash of Clans.

After the popularity of the Clash of Clans, it took just a short time for the developers to release this one. It contains 2 different elements and the aim is to collect as many cards as you want.


If you have played the game Clash of Clans before, or at least you have heard about its name and its function, you will know that this is an online game. Because you cannot fight with yourself or with the bot all the time. The bot is too easy to guess since it is programmed.

Well, this PlenixRoyale APK For Android is a part of the Clash Royale APK that gives gamers permission to access a private and secret server. It means that the game has a hole where many players are cheated on and then easily get so many gems and money to open the valuable chest and reward. Nevertheless, since it is not the official one, you may face some risks if you still try to cheat it for more. In the worst situation, your computer may be harmful as well. Take note of this right now.

Wrap up

Maybe when playing this PlenixRoyale APK For Android, sometimes you may feel bored since it has less difficulty to challenge yourself. When you have first played it, you will feel super fascinated. After a while, when you understand the rules, win a lot of battles, you will need more challenges but this game cannot meet your requirements. But, in turn, the more battles you win, the more valuable resources and items that you can get. It is totally free, you do not have to pay to get them but try the best you can.

How To Install PlenixRoyale APK

• Get the PlenixRoyale APK file from
• Launch file manager on the Android device and tap on Download Files/PlenixRoyalee.APK.
• One thing that should be noticed is the setting “Accept the installation of unknown source” has been established. If the device has been not yet activated, it can be set up by accessing Settings/Safety/Privacy/Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
• As soon as the installation of the PlenixRoyale.APK has been already finished.


90.4 MB

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