Google Services Framework

Google Services Framework 9.0 is an Android service framework app, which has APK file available for free Download. It helps to upgrade all applications that are downloaded on the play store.

When using an Android device, you will not notice the Google Services Framework application, which is automatically installed to the game by the manufacturer. It usually works on the background, and will only show up in your notification bar whenever a new version of an application is available.

Not only be able to upgrade apps, but it also supports other features:

  • Syncing contacts
  • Upgrade user privacy settings
  • Upgrade location-based services to make it more efficient, use less power to bring higher quality.
  • Speeds up the offline search engine.
  • Improves maps immersive
  • Enhance gaming experiences.
  • Base applications for many apps to work on.
Google Services Framework Apk Download For Android
Google Services Framework Apk Download For Android

Those features are extremely useful to be used for gaming applications, so Android users who are using their devices for gaming will need to pay a lot of attention to this application. Despite it being installed by default and will upgrade by itself when there is an upgrade available for it, there are still some case scenarios that you will need to manually install or upgrade it.

If you are using Android devices that are native to China market, there is a high chance that it is not installed with both the Play Store and Google Services Framework. In this case, you will need to install both applications to use official apps from Google.

When there is a problem with the Google Services Framework, which happens occasionally, you will need to uninstall and reinstall it to make it run smoothly again. In both cases, you can install this application on the Google Play Store or using the APK file.

The APK file of Google Services Framework 9.0 is available for free download for all Android devices on our website.

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Google Services Framework Additional Information

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3.7 MB

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