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Messenger for Facebook  440.9.118.0 APK is free for Download For all Android devices. Facebook Messenger is amongst one of the most popular messenger apps that supports all devices.

If one person does not know what Facebook Messenger is, he may be too old or he does not come from this planet. Facebook Messenger is the most popular messenger app that has ever been published.

Facebook Messenger is always in the Editor’s Choice list, with more than 70 million people has downloaded its Android version. Along with the Facebook app, they are rated as the most successful social network apps for many platforms.


Messenger Apk Download For Android
Messenger Apk Download For Android

Facebook Messenger is far more than just a messenger app, which supports a lot more features than other applications of the same genre. It helps to connect users from all over the world by giving them tons of interactive features.

Free online chatting is the basic feature of many messenger apps, however, the chatting feature of Facebook Messenger is more advanced as it maximizes group chat interacting. There are plenty of activities that you can do such as poll, sending location, setting a reminder, and setting a to-do list.

Since most of the messenger apps on the marker support the free video call app, Facebook Messenger does it quite a bit better than other apps. You will be able to do a lot more while calling, such as applying filters to the video call or playing games with friends while calling.

The story feature of Facebook Messenger  440.9.118.0 is also a cool feature that attracts a lot of users. Similar to the one in the Snapchat app, users can post a story to their profile, which will stay there for 24 hours and other users cannot download that file on their story.

Facebook Messenger  440.9.118.0 APK file is available for free download on our website for quickly installed on Android devices with ease.

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