My Talking Tom is an appealing app that brings players into the most lively virtual pet world. There are dozens of customizable elements appear in the game. Its APK for Android is available.

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It is the most successful virtual pet on mobile devices. It can be said that this app becomes a massive phenomenon that inspires for several games such as Talking Tom Jetski, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, etc. It launches on all Android and iPhone as well.

Download its APK and you can adopt a cat, name it and take it into your daily life. Like any pets, you have to pay much attention to him from taking care of him to playing together with him. He will require you to feed him, washing him, brush his teeth, dressing him up, as well as keeping him relaxed. These are all customizable functions, and capable of applying your styles into any features of the game.

My Talking Tom
My Talking Tom


  • The app is not only all about My Talking Tom but also adds over 10 mini-games
  • Visit other gamers and observe the way they decorate their cats and houses
  • The change in Tom’s real-life emotions will depend on the way you play with him.
  • The app contains more than 1,000 combinations between furniture, furs, clothes
  • There are a total of 999 levels where you are able to unblock coins and other elements
  • Keep interacting with him and he is possible to repeat what you have talked about. His reaction depends on the place you stroke him.

Now you can download My Talking Tom APK For Android to your smartphone and adopt your intelligent cat. Try your best to look after him whenever you can.

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